Adventurers Guide to a Happy Life

Matt Mosteller, Author, Adventurer, writer

Book available now for Indigo Kobo readers!!

Highly Anticipated Motivational Guide, Adventurers Guide to a Happy Life, by Professional Blogger, Ski Professional, Outdoor Enthusiast and Author Matt Mosteller, Available From Premier Digital Publishing in print and for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble  Nook, Apple iBooksKobo and Google Play

adventurer's guide to living a happy life

my Book  ’Adventurers Guide to a Happy Life’, is now available from your favorite online bookseller. Check out KOBO, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more.

 Mosteller shares with us 63 tips and or lessons on how we can add postive change to our life and enhance the way we work, lead, and teach in order to tap the abundant strengths inside of each and everyone of us.
63 tips that can change your life. Each one of them will get you started on making the small steps to positive change in your life. Small steps to reach Big Dreams. You can become happy, motivated and feel personally transformed. This book is full of inspirational tips and input from Positive motivational change agent, Matt Mosteller, that will cause you to become as joyful as a child. Many people love reading tips because of the inspiration it brings. Now imagine 63 powerful tips that you have never heard before. Not only that, but they are in the form of a short book so you can easily go back and re-read over and over again to bring that positive change into your life.
Once you delve into this easy to read book, you will not want to be without its quick tips on creating positive change in your life. It provides the tips so you can work on them each and every day to make a difference in your life. You will love the straightforward easy to read, Adventurerers Guide to a Happy Life that soon you will realize what you have been missing
This book was written for you, so you can take these 63 tips and make positive change happen in your Life. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to bring that youthful joy back into your life and put these tips to work for you. You are the most important and many times people do not pay enough attention to their needs. Stop, make time now to read these 63 tips and put them to work for you!
Don’t be one of those who gets to the end of the line and feel like you did not lead a worthwhile life. A full life starts with you! Don’t overlook how important it is to lead a Happy Life. As everything we do revolves around how we approach it and or our attitude towards it. If you feel Happy and Live Happy than everyone around you will benefit and more importantly you will beneift. You will become more fulfilled in everything you do and you will do a better job and be more passionate. Take time to put these tips to work for you and you soon will see the Positive Change in leading a Happy Life.

 Highly Anticipated Motivational Guide, Adventurers Guide to a Happy Life, by Professional Blogger, Ski Professional, Outdoor Enthusiast and Author Matt Mosteller, Available From Premier Digital Publishing in print and for Amazon KindleBarnes & Noble  NookApple iBooksKobo and Google Play

Premier Digital Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated motivational guide Adventurers Guide to a Happy Life by outdoorsman, professional speaker and author Matt Mosteller. Mosteller’s inspiration for these 63 Life Lessons came from his 40 years of experience in the Ski/Outdoor industry and his intensive training to compete in the most grueling outdoor event, The Yukon Challenge. Mosteller, also known as “Powder Matt” is the top Ski Blogger in North America, who travels worldwide to speak about his positive guide to living life well and how to achieve adventure and happiness through positivity and a love of the outdoors. Adventurers Guide to a Happy Life is the Mosteller’s first title from Premier Digital Publishing. Beginning today, Adventurers Guide to a Happy Life (Premier Digital Publishing; August 2012; $2.99) will be available worldwide as an eBook and in print (Premier Digital Publishing; August 2012; $9.99).

“When people ask me for tools to help them get their lives to work—tools to help them get out of their own way and find emotional freedom, I am often at a loss. I’m not a therapist…but I am a writer who wants to help people. Matt’s powerful book Adventurer’s Guide to Living a Happy Life, will be my go-to guide for positive living and I can’t wait to share it with my readers.”

Laura Munson, author of the international and New York Times best-selling book, THIS IS NOT THE STORY YOU THINK IT IS: A SEASON OF UNLIKELY HAPPINESS (Amy Einhorn/Putnam)

 “Matt Mosteller is the real deal when it comes to making a smile work in his favor. I have met few people who can maintain his level of positive thinking, even in the face of threatening situations that would daunt most others – whether those be in an office, atop a mountain, or faced with a Grizzly Bear. There are great lessons for anyone in this well-conceived little book.”

Gordon Wiltsie. Acclaimed photographer, whose work appears regularly in leading magazines such as National Geographic, Life, American Photo, Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Ski, Geo, and dozens of others.


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